Restaurants on newcastle quayside

Strategically located with stunning views over the river Tyne, the Newcastle Quayside is a bustling Mecca of entertainment and leisure like no other. When it comes to fine restaurants, the restaurants on Newcastle Quayside offer a wide variety of choices to suit every palette. Whether it's French, Italian, Mongolian or Spanish dishes, the charming restaurants that dot the locale provide tantalizing menus to suit every conceivable craving. Some of the more popular eateries include Marco Polo, Asha Ravel, The Galley and Portonfino while pizza and Italian food-lovers will love the Pizza Express and Primo Pizza Pasta. The Waterside Palace, Leelas, Vujon and Saffron are also frequented by seasoned visitors while Parisa, Thali, Simla and Sabatini are equally enticing.

Home to an eclectic collection of pubs and nightclubs, those who head down to the Quayside after dark would be truly amiss if they did not step into the Baja Beach Club or the Tuxedo Princess. Other hotspots include Julie's 2 and Club Havana while Foundation and Sea are also trendy venues to dance the night away.

Those who wish to simply take in the sights of this picturesque location can go for a quiet walk along the scenic banks of the river which affords breathtaking views of Tyne Bridge. The visible contrast between the historic bridge and the decidedly contemporary appearance of the Millennium Bridge is another noteworthy aspect of the area. The revival of the cityscape on either side of the river is also evident to all those who look on, while a number of significant public art pieces are also scattered throughout the quayside. The highlights of these artworks include Andre Wallace's River God Sculpture, which is a towering 35' high pillar of steel with a bronze monument of a mythological river deity at its summit. The Blacksmith's Needle statue is another point of interest, as the 7.6 meter high conical steel monument depicts maritime elements such as shells, mermaids and bells and other sea creatures. Neil Talbot's Relief Sculpture is undoubtedly the finest of the three; the sandstone creation of a 100 carvings includes 17 replicas of historic statues and industrial elements in addition to other sights and features that are synonymous with the River Tyne.

restaurants on newcastle quayside